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Music store audio gear is often unreliable and noisy. Our studio is packed with the good stuff to ensure great audio every time with minimal down time. Brands like AudioArts, Orban, Dorrough, Focusrite, DBX, Alesis, KRK, Gentner, Belden and Rode – Equipment that was designed to withstand years of abuse, 24/7/365 in a real world broadcast studio. Sure… we could’ve cheaped out and used a bunch of USB interfaces and “home studio” DJ gear but we think you deserve more. We use custom built computers and replace them every year to make sure we have the latest technology and reliable service. The old computer is then installed as a backup system.

All audio is saved and stored on redundant hard drives as well as in the cloud. If we have ever done anything for you, we still have it… No matter how long ago it was. We also utilize redundant broadband connections from different providers to ensure that we are never offline and a generator backup to make sure the power is always on.

Reliability? Yeah. we got that.